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A Super Cool Treat For All Involved!

At Innes & Mackay we are always looking for opportunities to get involved with the local community, including supporting local charities when we can.INV Free ice cream Inverness Castle 02

One charity that Innes and Mackay regularly support is the Highland Hospice, with involvement in both Strictly Inverness and Ness Factor. We also participate in the Hospice’s annual Make a Will Month, where people can have a will created or adjusted in return for a donation to the charity.

As such, when we heard about the opportunity to sponsor one of the squirrels as part of the new Highland Hospice ‘Go Nuts’ art trail, we knew we had to get involved!

The ‘Go Nuts’ Art trail was officially launched on Friday 28 June, and comprises of 23 individual, hand painted 5 foot squirrel sculptures which have been placed around the Highlands – resulting in the first ever Highland wide art trail.

‘Cherry’, the Innes & Mackay squirrel can be found sitting proud in front of Inverness Castle. She was commissioned by local artist Sophie Robb, and features a cool design full of classic ice-creams, we were drawn in straight away by the bright and summery design!

To celebrate our ice-cream themed squirrel, we wanted to hold an event that would allow the public to get involved, and raise awareness of the trail. Cherry’s design led us to the idea of teaming up with popular local gelateria Meiles!

On the 5th June, the team set up outside the castle prepared with a whole batch of ‘Free Ice-cream’ flyers – and what a fantastic day we had, dishing out hundreds of free ice creams to locals and tourists, spreading a little bit of joy on an overcast summers day and raising awareness and interest in Cherry, and the Go Nuts trail.

If you are out and about in Inverness, make sure to snap a photo of Cherry and send it over to us via our Facebook page, or tag us in your posts using #Innes&Mackay #GoNutsArtTrail for a chance of featuring on our social media channels.

To find out more about Go Nuts, or to download your free copy of the trail map, please visit www.highlandhospice/gonuts or follow


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