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Innes & Mackay writing competition 2016

Due to the success of our Writing Competition in 2015 we have decided to make it an annual event!

To qualify for the competition, students had to submit a short story of around five hundred words which had to open with the sentence 'the door to the solicitors door creaked as it opened'. The story itself could have been of any genre or format that the individual student wished.

We offered a cash prize to the winning school of £500 and a £100 voucher for the winning pupil, and a 2nd and 3rd prize for the writers of £75 and £50 vouchers.

We were overwhelmed by the response and the quality of writing we received from across the region and are delighted to now announce the winning stories:

  1. Lonely Cottage - Culloden Academy
  2. An Old Friend - Dingwall Academy
  3. The Rabbit and the Wolf - Nicholson Institute 
Innes & Mackay Writing Competition 2017
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